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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  August 26, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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getting limited. how one group of students and staff trying to take out certain words from the school's vocabulary. >> jim: the rain is here just in time for the weekend. some parts of town are getting wet right now. news 3 is your weather authority. we'll tell when you it will hit next >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> jim: rain falling in southern nevada. we've had the clouds coming and going all week. this time they're delivering. >> marie: especially on the west side. chloe, you have b doesn't mean you are in the clear today. >> chloe: absolutely not. we're in for a bumpy ride tonight. we'll see thunderstorms continue to pop up across southern nevada. right now the concentration is on the west side of town. you can see the clouds really ominous and thickening across the area right now. as we look outside we're going show you the movement of those storms coming up in just a second. as of right now, the only place that's gotten love when it comes to the rain is summerlin. just a trace of showers right there.
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slowly moving out of the -- actually quickly moving out. contradicting myself. upper 80s in centennial. mid-90s downtown area. much warmer on the east side. like i said, we are tracking the activity outside right now. here is a look at some of those storms developing just over the past hour or so. like i mentioned, the one on the west side of town has dissipated. you can see the movement as it moves in a northeasterly direction. slightly east as you can see that plume of moisture right there. as we move out a closer you can see more shower activity over the mount charleston area. looking at very light showers. nothing too measurable. really nothing too prominent but we are getting nice showers. nice change of pace when it comes to our weather pattern. happening outside right now a snapshot of our current conditions outside. like i said, the cell continues to move in the northeasterly direction. you can see it right here near north jones boulevard where we're getting the biggest
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we got another storm actually popping up within the past five minutes i've been tracking. you can see near the blue diamond area. the movement of this cell will continue to be in the northeasterly direction which means that spring valley we're getting ready to see action right there. also expecting to see the showers continue overnight with a slight chance of seeing showers develop again by tomorrow afternoon. i'll let you know when we could see drier weather conditions. jim and marie. >> marie: thank you presidential campaign trail is health. >> jim: republican candidate donald trump recently questioned if hillary clinton is healthy enough for a term or two in the white house. >> marie: new at 3:30 jeff barnd examines if there's any credence to donald trump's health claims. >> we will unleash -- >> reporter: there's been a lot of recent talk by donald trump that hillary clinton is not up to the task of running a country. >> she also lacks the mental and physical stamina. >> reporter: mrs. clinton did
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her rival. >> it's part of the whacky strategy. just say all these crazy things and maybe you can get some people to believe you. >> reporter: donald trump and his allies point to mrs. clinton doing things like tripping over stairs and hesitating in mid-sentence. but one political expert i talked to says if tripping and hesitating mid-sentence loses votes no one would become president of the united states. >> this is basic deflection by the trump campaign who is sliding in the polls and he is trying to grasp on to anything they can supporters say the candidates have an obligation to pubically release medical records. >> i think people should get to see that. they should get to make up their own mind. maybe she should put out a lot more of her medical reporteds. >> we need transparency in terms of her medical records. >> reporter: experts say questioning a presidential candidate's health is fair game. what is a bit out of bounds are serious attacks on another
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issue. >> reporter: what is somewhat concerning is that both of these candidates have their own personal doctors. which raises doubts about their objectivity. >> when it's your own personal physician and friend they're obviously going to write a more spirited note on your behalf. >> john tells me if clinton's health is a campaign issue mr. trump better stay healthy through november 8th. >> i think it is a can of worms that donald trump is going to regret reporting. >> jim: we want to know what you think. should all presidential candidates be required to release medical records during the campaign? head to to weigh in. >> marie: violence continues to disrupt life in turkey and a bikini ban in one european country. details from the terrorism alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington, d.c. i'm jonathan elias. more violence to tell you about
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others wounded after an explosion at a police checkpoint. this blast comes two days after turkish tanks entered northern syria to help rebels clear isis from a border town. no group so far has come forward claiming responsibility. at least seven people are dead, many more injured in a terrorist attack at a seaside restaurant in the somali capital of mogadishu. police say that a car bomb exploded outside of a beach club then gunman stormed the building. security forces say they killed operation. and france's highest court has over turned the so-called bir kini ban. more than 30 have band the ber kin iz which cover the whole body. officials say it was a response to a growing terror concern. from the terrorism alert desk i'm jonathan elias. >> jim: the judge who gave a stanford student six months in
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the judge has asked to leave criminal court and be reassigned. he sentenced brock turner to six months after the former athlete was on convicted on three felony counts of sexual assault. prosecutors were asking for a six-year sentence. this decision outraged people across the nation. >> marie: a massive water main break in baltimore sent water sprewing like a geyser. this happened in baltimore county. no word w but it happened a little afternoon. you can see from the aerials the gusher created a tremendous traffic back-up. crews are expected to be working on the repair for hours. >> jim: is it censorship? it is a question students at the university of wisconsin in milwaukee are asking after the launch of a campaign aimed at discouraging the use of certain words and phrases. a group called the inclusive excellence center is trying to get students to stop using words
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is limiting free speech at a place that's supposed to be all about free speech. but school officials say it's not censorship. it's about awareness. >> we're not telling them you can't use the words. we're just saying be mindful when you use these words they can be hurtful to someone. >> the campaign called just words is based on a similar effort at the university of california davis. the group behind the campaign is funded through student fees. >> marie: a b program used to prevent teenage pregnancy may not be working as well planned. australian researchers involved 57 schools in the study. some received a virtual infant parenting or vip program and others took part in the standard health education program. the study found those who participated in the vip program had greater rates of pregnancy and abortion than those in the control groups. president obama is creating the world's largest protected area off the coast of his native hawaii.
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mr. obama is expanding a national monument first created by president george w. bush a decade ago. obama's expansion of the national monument will more than quadruple it's existing size. the marine sanctuary will protect reefs, marine life, habitats and thousands of animals including endangered whales and sea turtles. >> jim: soon it may be harder for a thief to steal your iphone without getting caught. apple has filed a tat ent application that describes a method for the company identify unauthorized users. the crooks. they get our fingerprints with that touch button. it could also record things like -- in addition to the fingerprints, videos, selfies would be sent over a server to police that can use them to track down the criminals. >> marie: amazon plans to open more brick and mortar stores. the next set to open in chicago with two others planned for san diego and portland, oregon.
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store in seattle last year. books are fazed out. customers can try out new devices. no word on if an amazon store is coming to las vegas. >> marie: a record number of families saving for college. according to fidelity investments, saving for college is at an all-time high with 72 percent of american families currently saving for their children's higher education. that's a 24 since the first year the study was published in 2007. the study found a 62 percent increase in the use of dedicated college savings accounts. >> jim: this is a good year to be an airline worker. most are getting raises. that includes american and united. taking a live look at mccarran international. most american airline workers will get raises ranging from 15 to 50 percent. united airline pilots also want a 16 percent pay hike. in nasa's a step closer to a mars mission.
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research center in virginia conducted that. a successful splash down test of the orion spacecraft. more than 500 sensors measured various aspects of the impact including the level of strain on the carbon fiber heat shield and aluminum cabin. nasa hopes the orion will carry astronauts into space and eventually in to mars. they hope to launch knit 2023. >> marie: that's n t becoming artists. >> jim: we'll tell you how the hospital is using drawings made by kids to help make their lives better. >> marie: banana split eating contest with a political twist. how these two opposites attract in a west virginia restaurant. >> chloe: get ready for unsettled weather. we're seeing thunderstorms pop up all over the southwest including two new storms that just started to emerge in the valley. i'll show what you neighborhoods
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>> jim: turns out republican presidential nominee donald trump is in las vegas after all. in fact he is speaking right now. if you will remember he had a big rally planned. he was -- he told us earlier in this is a much smaller group. a roundtable of hispanic and civic leaders at trump hotel. the nominee was in town primarily for fundraising but he invited this group to his hotel to talk things over. although trump didn't make any formal remarks he could be overheard as the cameras were in the room here saying that his campaign is doing amazing in gathering hispanic support. after this, trump will head up to lake tahoe.
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where we shine a light on people doing amazing things in our world. >> jim: a special program at a children's hospital in texas turns patient artwork into greeting cards. >> marie: as chris gutierrez reports, it gives sick kids a creative outlet and brings in much needed funds to the hospital. >> i'm self-taught so i don't, like -- i start with some basics but then i just freehand it most of the time. >> reporter: art is a form of expression. >> really great outlet. >> when you are drawing and it comes out the way you want it to, it's great. but it can also be frustrating. >> reporter: 16-year-old page scan lynn has been in and out of hospitals. >> they found that i had tethered spinal cord. >> reporter: since she was just a year old. >> they're coming for surgeries. they're coming for chemo. they're coming for life threatening things. >> reporter: lucy biggs is on
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paintbrush and they begin telling their story. >> reporter: a volunteer group that takes a patient's art. >> it's amazing to see the compassion and the love. >> reporter: and turns it into cards that are sold online and in the hospital's gift shop. >> it's kind of like whoa. it's, like, i did that when i was going through this. >> reporter: it worked for page. who drew this surgery three years ago. >> and they poke a hole in your brain with a laser. and that's cool. [ laughter ] >> reporter: life experience. that set her on a path. >> i'm planning on probably making this a career when i grow up. >> reporter: proving life really does imitate art. >> if our program can get them to smile for one minute, it just
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>> jim: a new rehab center is trying to help patients who struggle with addiction. helping them recover through the help of music. recovery unplugged in austin combines traditional recovery approaches with the sweet sounds of music. not just listening to it but learning how to play and make music. for those who have taken part in the program they say it helped a lot more than they thought it would. >> i'm sober. i've clear headed. i'm more i'm just on this natural energy that's just natural, you know. i love it. >> so many of us i feel like have so many things inside us that we want to say and we're, like, i don't know how to share it right now. let me let eminem do it for me. >> jim: it's working. the people behind it say they're happy to see music helping the patients write their next chapter in their life. >> marie: a woman paralyzed in a freak accident during her bachelorette party is proving
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rachel chatman fulfilled a lifelong goal to go sky diving and the today show followed her every step of the way. with help of a professional, chapman strapped on, looked out the window add decided to take the leap. >> why in the world did you want to do this? >> i've actually wanted to do this since i was a teenager. i figured, i mean, the wheelchair isn't going to stop me. >> marie: rachel says she felt a lot more nervous in the moments right before the jump. 14,000 feet later though she something she has been doing for the last six years. >> jim: the world's biggest rubber ducky was spotted in the buffalo river overnight. mama duck and her buckling timmy are in town for the canal side maritime festival this weekend. look at it. it's huge. the duck towers a whopping 61 feet abo the water. it weighs about 11 tons. the likelihood of mama duck flying away pretty slim given the weight.
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wind and storms from carrying her away. >> marie: that would be good. if she did go up in the air she would be the largest mama duck for sure. a restaurant in west virginia was looking to dish the scoop about voting. the poki dot held its promote the vote campaign with a banana split eating contest. participants had a half-hour to eat as much ice cream as they could. each weighs about eight pounds! gives me brain freeze just cream. somehow this was all connected to getting out the vote in the up coming election. checked in with our producer and he said the participants were just people who love ice cream. the top three finishers received a donation to the charity of their choice. from ice cream to donuts. krispy kreme announced they are teaming up with reese's peanut butter cup to create the ees yeez pea ut -- reez yeez pea ut
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impression. ohhh. this features chocolate icing, reese's peanut butter chips, vanilla biscuit crumbs. unfortunately it is only available in the u.k. if you do want to take the test it's going take you awhile that get there. >> jim: that is criminal. krispy kreme you should be ashamed of yourselves. reese's too. by the way, thank you very much for coming up with t [ laughter ] a big thank you today to all of you who called in to help local make a wish kids see their dreams come true. if you were with us yesterday you know we teamed 193.1 and had a party with our volunteers here in the room taking calls. we also joined with dave and buster's restaurant to raise money and miles, airline miles, for wishes in flight. >> marie: in the end we reached our goal of more than $35,000.
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1,258,000 miles. >> jim: thank you. it's going to make such a difference. those donations will help terminally ill kids fly to get their wishes granted. we want to thank all of our generous viewers for giving their time, money and those miles. once you rack them up you want to hold on to them so that's a big deal. >> marie: hold on to them and then, of course, use them for a great cause. majority of their wishes involve some sort of flight. we want to know what's made you smile on this friday. tweet us news 3 lv or the station at news 3 lv. >> jim: will you teach me how to stand like that. >> marie: you teach me. >> jim: in control. be sure to join the conversation on facebook by "liking" our page. you join just look for ksnv news 3 las vegas. >> marie: i stood like that pre-baby bump. now it's --. >> jim: it's very confident. >> marie: now this has become an arm rest.
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it's similar. >> chloe: i don't know what i am doing. it's very weather authority. i do know that. i mean business. you see what's happening behind me guys. we mean business in the weather department because storms are brewing outside. we're going to take you to it. which neighborhoods are seeing the rain? a little more is a little nicer view from our rio camera. a few sun breaks after a couple of storms m area. we're tracking it all for you. as we get in closer you can see over the past hour we've seen a few more cells develop. you can see by the yellow spots on the screen. the north las vegas area summerlin has gotten a nice amount of showers. light rains so far today. we're keeping our eye on the radar. you can see the movement of the storms in a northeasterly direction. if you are on the east side of town get ready to join the party when it comes to seeing these storms. as we get in closer you can see
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in the north las vegas area. what we are seeing more activity more recently near spring valley. this storm very quickly developing and dissipating over the past half-hour or so. this is a look over the past 15 minutes or so. as we widen out we're looking at three areas. like i said, dissipating right now. but the party is still going to continue this evening with storms continuing overnight and into tomorrow we're expecting a chance of showers again in the afternoon. looking near the blue diamond this was bright yellow five minutes ago. you can see storms clearing up. but we're still in for unsettled weather for the rest of the evening. as storms continue to develop especially over the mountains. you can see near indian springs. also getting a storm which just popped up within the last few minutes heading towards boulder city in a northeasterly direction is where we're seeing storms slowly moving. they're not lasting very long. by the time we reach sunday drier air going to start to filter in. that will keep us from seeing
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ar go it's nothing measurable. just really light showers. more of an annoyance if anything. a trace of rain so far for summerlin. and temperatures are starting to cool down. we're hanging out in the upper 80s for the lakes. mid-80s for summerlin. low 90s centennial. some of the warmer parts of town. on the far east side of town 96 for sunrise as well as southeast at the moment. winds are picking up just out of the south. will remain up to 15 miles an hour. r pretty good. tonight looking at 96 by five. upper 80s by 9:00 p.m. overnight temperatures. a few degrees cooler. the numbers will be normal. but the lightning might keep you awake. temperatures slightly cooler compared to last night. highs tomorrow will be below normal for this time of year. waking up to temperatures in the upper 70s reaching around 89 by noon. 92 for projected high in las vegas. as we look ahead to the next few
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afternoon. after that we'll start drying out. by sunday temperatures in the triple-digit club as we make our way into the workweek then cooling down as a drier system passes through thursday and friday. >> jim: we're breaking new as little bit with the weather shot. we had zoomed in on trump's plane at the airport. >> marie: we should point out, we are neutral here at this station. but we do want to point out that donald trump is in town for a fundraising event. he had initially told us his campaign told us he was going to cancel the las vegas visit. dollars and to meet with members of the hispanic community. >> jim: meeting with smaller groups. then sounds like this was a last-minute deal that came together to have a roundtable. >> marie: then he'll be going to lake tahoe after that. it is national dog day everybody. a time to appreciate the pooch in your life. admire the hound next door. quite honestly it is another excuse to look at photos of cute dogs online.
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photos of their dogs this morning. they more than oe blienled. look. driving to work. thank you everybody for sending us these photos of the pups. >> jim: my dogs today, this morning were like so have you heard, it's national dog day? i'm, like, 365 days are dog days for you. >> marie: i love that one. chef pup. >> jim: we could do this all afternoon but, you know, sadly we're out of time. so thanks for having us in today. >> marie: "family feud" i next. of course you are going to keep us posted on this weather
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: ha ha! how you folks? how's everybody? thank you. appreciate y'all. ha ha. thank y'all. well, welcome to "family feud,"
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harvey, and boy, we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their 3rd day with a total of 20,760 bucks, from cedar park, texas, it's the champs. it's the krienke family. [cheering and applause] and from oakland, california, it's the thurman family. [yelling indistinctly] everybody's here tryin' to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of edge, right there. [applause] y'all ready to play the "feud"? let's get it on! [cheering] give me kevin. give me stephani. all right, guys, here we go. top 6 answers on the board. here we go. we asked 100 single women. if you were shopping for a husband, what part of a man would you squeeze before you buy


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